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"Woke up walking on water
Ditching my alma mater
Made a lot of mistakes from mimicking ways of my father
Father can you forgive me? Sinning since I remember
Back when grandaddy died, that was a cold December
They closed his casket while my motherfuckin hope was in it
Soon as you come out the womb they hanging rope for niggas
Groomed for the stone and the tomb, going for broke and shit
We’ve been that, push shit back, the Devil coaching niggas
Telling ‘em to shoot, like a title on the line
When it’s judgment time I doubt that God can look me in my eyes
‘Fore He send me down to Hell cause I’mma ask a Nigga Why?
Never played it by the book because the Book was full of lies
And the preacher full of shit, and the teacher full of shit
Used to boo me from the bleachers that I’m never gon’ forget
Eating $5 Little Caesar’s pizzas on the WIC
Cause my daddy left my momma for the motherfucking pen"
Vince Staples

Gediminas Pranckevicius (Lithuania) via @Curioos by @gedomenas



I may not be very thick….but my hair is


All this glory

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The story of the pitcher who threw a no-hitter while tripping on acid has become emblematic of professional baseball’s excess in the 1970s.  However, that pitcher, Dock Ellis, had a career and life that transcended one use of LSD. During a time when the insular world of baseball was clashing with the world outside, Ellis was widely known as one of the most unabashedly black baseball players ever. Nearly suspended for wearing curlers in his hair and refusing to apologize for or moderate his aggressive behavior, Ellis used drugs to hide his crippling fear of failure.No No: A Dockumentary provides the backstory to an outrageous anecdote by presenting the full life—warts and all—of a unique baseball player and human being. From Jackie Robinson to Donald Hall, Ron Howard, and others, Dock Ellis touched the lives of many people, as told in this surprising story of redemption.Director Jeffrey Radice premiered his documentary during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.  Check out an interview with Radice from the Festival here.No No: A Dockumentary opens in select cities September 5 and expands on September 12.Photo by Ron Mrowiec
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"look at how they treat us. They’re treating citizens down there like animals because our skin tone intimidates them. "

- Jasmine 

"OMG Mommy, now I have your hair. Lol  Mali  Motherhood.. The best thing to ever happen to me.”
Nerissa Irving with daughter by Islandboi Photography